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baby at the beach

Our family has been spending our summer vacations on Galveston Beach for as long we can remember and has always held a special place in our hearts. After many years in the corporate marketing industry, the beach has always been our spot to decompress and unwind.

After welcoming our new daughter into the world in 2022, her first vacation was of course to the beach! It was here in TX, with our feet in the sand and the breeze at our face where we started thinking... what is something fun and creative that we can use our skills and experience to build as a family? So, as we were pondering.. we looked into our daughters' eyes only to see she could barely see from the hot summer sun! Sunglasses! We need sunglasses! We ran into town and alas! No sunglasses for our precious daughter to protect her young eyes from the blistering TX sun πŸ”₯

This was it! This was our chance to build something fun and unique with our small, growing family. Palm Sunnies was born! 🌴 With heads full of new ideas of fantastic patterns - we were back home to IL ✈

The real boss

Just a few months later, and some HUGE milestones in between, our family feverishly worked on our new designs to build fantastic sunglasses to protect young kids eyes from dangerous UV rays β˜€ (She can be tough, but she's a great boss!)

Our Mission

Giving back is part of our mission and is genuinely a major reason we started as a company. That’s why with every single purchase, we donate to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), a foundation we are proud to call a partner due to all of the meaningful work they do to fund childhood cancer research.

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